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Financial security is the dream of every nonprofit, business or individual. To achieve the stability you desire, you should consider Surplus Accounting Services Inc. as the ideal partner to help you stay financially healthy. Having been providing accounting services for a long time, we have acquired enough experience to effectively handle your accounting tasks. We have an array of services that will help transform your finances. Our services include: nonprofit accounting, small business accounting and, business and personal taxes.  So, why should you enlist our accounting services? Here is why.



Accounting is a complex task that requires special attention to undertake. But for us, it is our special way of having fun with numbers. For that reason, we have made our services quite affordable to take away the accounting distress from our clients.


Owning to the complexity of accounting matters, you need a reliable expert who will always provide a solution whenever you call. Surplus Accounting Services Inc. is that reliable partner who will never fail you no matter the urgency of the accounting task. Surplus is ready to deliver the services whenever you need them.

Quality Services

A simple mistake in accounting can create complications and headaches in your financial records. To avoid paying the hefty price of accounting mistakes, you need assurance that there are no chances of mistakes happening. Our professional services guarantee you that the accounting process will be marred by no form of flaw. The records that Surplus submits undergo rigorous scrutiny to ensure it meets the required standards.

Highly Experienced Team

We have served numerous nonprofits and businesses under different economic sectors. In addition, we have worked with individuals of varying Net Worth. As a result, we have acquired a huge wealth expertise to handle any type of accounting tasks no matter the complexity or volume. More to that, Surplus Accounting Services Inc. will ensure you get reports that provide a clear overview of your transactions.


Sharing your transaction records with anyone is quite a fete. This calls for an immense amount of trust between the parties involved. At Surplus Accounting Services Inc., we highly respect privacy. Moreover, our company is under oath of secrecy that forbids us from sharing your accounting information with unauthorized parties.

Surplus promises to deliver a unique accounting experience that will impact your financial fortunes. To enjoy world class accounting services, simply reach out to us.

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